[AMRadio] Which Bands for Summer AM?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Jul 19 20:49:03 EDT 2008

Hummmmmm!  What about Jack the Cat on WNOE?

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From: "Mike Duke, K5XU" Subject: [AMRadio] Which Bands for Summer 

> I'm sure the static level was just as high when I was an SWL in 
> the mid and
> late 60s as it is today, but I lived on 40 meters at night during 
> the
> summer. That's where I copied my first CW over the air.
> Despite the multiple occurrences of Voice of America, Radio 
> Moscow, BBC,
> Radio Prague, and others, there was still a lot of aAM activity on 
> 40 at
> night until about 1968 or so.
> The SSB activity was also pretty solid. I'm convinced there were 
> more
> signals crammed into the space between 7.2 and 7.3 than there are 
> now that
> the phone band has been expanded to 7.125.
> I now here very little AM activity on 40 meters, either day or 
> night, and it
> looks like everybody has abandoned 14.286 altogether.
> As for that other AM band, my local BC station signed off at 
> sunset. So, for
> me it was Art Roberts on WLS from Chicago, and Rob Robins on KAAY 
> out of
> Little Rock.
> Will anyone else here admit to listening to Beaker Street, hosted 
> by Clyde
> Clifford on KAAY?
> Those "head bangers" don't have anything on the Beaker Street 
> gang!
> Mike Duke, K5XU
> American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs

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