[AMRadio] WTB Coil stock

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Unless Illumatronics has changed hands, they are / were the parent company
of Airdux.  B&W coils were "Miniductor" IIRC.  B&Ws web site shows
Miniductor stock for sale.  See:

Joe, N6DGY
Pleasant Grove, UT

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Hi All
Anyone have or know where I can obtain some Airdux 1016T or 1216T. B&W was
most unhelpful, seems they only make up OEM quantities and if there is some
overage they will sell it to spares like me.
The 1016T is 1 1/4" dia. with 16 turns / inch of 16ga. The 1216T is 1 1/2"
dia. but same otherwise. I found a place on the web called Illumatronics,
but it sounds like a guy who runs a business out of his garage. The only
contact data is a fill in the blank - what do you want, don't call us we'll
call you e-mail form.

BTW I need enough for 4 coils 3" long or so.

Many thanks!

Bill AD5OL
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