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NO NO NO   You guys Missed what was Said....

They said they make good money. However in that one guys case. By the time they take out all of his child support and Alimoney from his Check  He is only working for $14 an Hour.

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> I agree. After about the first 15 minutes of the show last
> night, I 
> mentioned to my xyl that this is one of those reality shows
> we avoid 
> like the plague.  I kept watching to see if they would stop
> the 
> repetition ... I've hired tower crews in my pre-retired
> life and it is 
> true that they are a poorly paid hard working lot!
> tchesek at epix.net wrote:
> > Yes, $14 is what they said. I thought the show was an
> hour of the same 
> > thing over and over. They could have covered it in 15
> minutes.
> >
> > Tom K3TVC


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