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well if this isn't a bunch of BS! yahoo claims my call sign is not available 
as an ID, also claims postal code 43011 is not located in the US!  Bernie 
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> Hello All,
> Just wanted to let everyone know about a new "specialized" group/mailserv 
> on
> Yahoo Groups
> Called : bcast_xmtr_4ham
> To join go to :  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bcast_xmtr_4ham/join
> This group is for the discussion of commercial broadcast transmitter use 
> in
> the ham bands,
> with emphasis on acquisition, restoration, modification, and general use.
> Discussion of
> "hints & kinks" for various transmitters, where to find parts,
> swap-buy/sell/trade of
> transmitters and parts, operating practices, and general nostalgic
> discussions.
> I recently purchased a Gates BC-1H for restoration and conversion to
> 160M AM. I discovered a few things:
> 1. There's a lot of knowledge out there, but you have to hunt for it.
> 2. There's a lot of interest
> 3. Finding parts is not too easy.
> 4. there's not much discussion of the operation of these units on our
> bands, or general discussion of, or experiences with the units being
> explicitly shared.
> 25 years ago I was an assistant chief, and on-air announcer for
> several commercial stations in South Central PA. since then I've
> always been interested in 160M, AM mode of transmission, owning my
> own commercial rig, quality audio on the ham bands, and similar
> topics.
> Hopefully all of us who share these interests can come together here,
> and trade notes, help each other, and generally discuss this aspect
> of the hobby. Feel free to join the group and enjoy the fellowship.
> Regards to all!
> Mike Hess
> www.n3eaq.net
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