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Walter - K5EST walter.k5est at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 10:16:37 EDT 2008

> Was gonna say Brian - cold or hot 807s? Would it really be right to
> mix the two, or do they deserve their own lists? How granular should
> we get?
> <tongue firmly planted in cheek>
> ~ Todd  KA1KAQ  (o:

Well, you guys are being discriminatory and forgetting a List for
the hot 807 "Socket" and a "landing spot" (LZ)  List for the cool 807.

Splintering a list makes all of us loose data that may be very valuable
to get some gear up and going or finding parts, etc. I have found that
it is much easier to hit the delete button than have to go to all the other
lists...............that is my rat spit wisdom of the day!
73....Walter - K5EST

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