[AMRadio] Geez, ain't we all easily annoyed

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Todd, are you near your phone ?


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>> Why do hams ALWAYS have to have a cow over EVERYTHING....
> I'm not sure that they do, Mark. although here in VT, we were
> outnumbered by cows not so long ago. The influx from the cities fixed
> that, along with us natives...well...having more cows. They're good on
> the grill.
>> Lighten up folks, it's a hobby!
> Many of us who have been involved online with these things
> (AM-specific) for, say - over a decade now, have seen this approach
> before. We've seen the results, how pointless it is, and how the 'new
> list' still needs to copy the old list when they have a real question.
> We don't understand why anyone would bother with such an exercise in
> futility, since together we are strongest. Not that it isn't your
> God-given right to do so, because we support freedom too. As Jim
> pointed out, this is nothing new. Consider it our good-natured way of
> pointing it out.
> BTW - I just posted some grainy shots of my BC transmitter over on
> 'fone, having finally gotten it powered up a few months back. These
> two resources are, to me, the ideal: the email list for a
> less-structured QSO type of format, often with a rapid turnaround on
> questions (many folks tend to be online for email, not logged into the
> site), and the AMfone site for the more granular sections, ability to
> post and view photos, schematics, and so on as well as the wealth of
> information covered by both. Almost like having a book to refer to
> when you can't ask a question. Even the little bit over overlap
> through duplication is handy, it's helped me see things in once place
> I had missed in the other. I can never thank Brian and Gary enough for
> putting this all together years ago from their initial individual
> efforts.
> Hope that adds some clarity, Mark. Especially about those cows.
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ  (o:
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