[AMRadio] Geez, ain't we all easily annoyed

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Jul 30 17:45:04 EDT 2008

One suggestion to make all your e-mail lists easier to deal  with, is to 
subscribe to each one in digest or listserve mode.  I receive one or two 
e-mails a day from each list I subscribe to, either with the texts of all 
the messages included, or in the case of listserve, listed as links to the 
latest additions to the archived messages.  One list (not radio related) 
sends out over 100 messages a day, but I'm lucky to be interested in 1 or 2. 
That one comes in listserve mode, so I just click on the ones that sound 
interesting, to open the message.

If I got messages from all my lists as separate, individual e-mails, I 
couldn't handle it and would throw up my hands in disgust.  I would have 
literally hundreds of e-mail messages in several inboxes to deal with, along 
with all the spam that sneaks through, as well as all the junk that has been 
re-forwarded for the 100th time, from friends who have the impression that I 
might be interested.

Don k4kyv

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