[AMRadio] AM on 160m

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 09:25:11 EDT 2008

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 11:02 PM, Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:

> Most stations are on 1885, 1915,1980 and 1985 depending on QRM.  You might
> catch someone but the chances are rare.  See you next fall.

Have also heard stations on 1945 with some regularity over the last
few winters. 1885/1945 were the original frequencies mentioned to me
years ago, with 1985 and others popping up as well.

When all else fails - grab a frequency and use it for AM. The
limitations of crystal control are another matter, of course. (o:

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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