[AMRadio] Re: RCA TX on the west coast

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 04:58:20 EDT 2008

Hi Bob, thanks for posting about the RCA.
The pictures show a transmitter that has NOT been messed in, very much. I base that on what looks like an intact wiring harness and only a handful of modern spade lugs on visible terminal blocks. Years of undisturbed dust also tell  me there was no catastrophic failure that may have caused this transmitter to be put out to pasture. No evidence of fires inside, either. For retuning to 160, 75 and maybe as high as 40, the tetrode 813 might make the move more easily compared to a triode like an 810 or an 833. But I'm not familiar with the drive and tank circuits in the RCA to know how much re-configuration might be needed.

I hope it finds a good home.


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