[AMRadio] Filter capacitor leakage

Rick Brashear rickb at tx.rr.com
Tue Jun 3 14:13:52 EDT 2008

I remember a discussion a while back on maximum allowable leakage in filter
capacitors, but don't think this aspect was touched on.  

What do you feel is the maximum allowable leakage at the capacitors normal
working voltage?

How does this apply as the test voltage is decreased?

For instance, if the capacitor has a DCWV of 600 VDC and you decrease that
to 300 VDC or even 50 VDC does the maximum allowable leakage remain the same
or is there an adjustment needed?  Even though this would not be as accurate
an assessment of the capacitor would it suffice in a pinch?  Sometimes it's
not possible to test the capacitor at full working voltage.

Any and all help appreciated.


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