[AMRadio] TV-7 Testing a 5V4 Question

whitebear1122 at comcast.net whitebear1122 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 3 23:26:18 EDT 2008

I was testing a 5V4 the other night.  I was suspicious of it because it came out of a Collins 32V-3 with a blown LV transformer.  The 5V4 was the LV B+ rectifier.  
The 5V4 yielded the proper meter reading when the RECTIFIER button was pressed.  When I ran through the SHORTS selection on the switch, all short positions caused the NOISE lamp to stay lit.  I thought AH HA, the tube is shorted.  I put in a NOS 5V4 and got the same reading and short response.
Now I"m wondering if the TV-7 SHORT circuitry works with the 5V4 tube or do I simply have an old shorted tube and a NOS shorted tube....  
Have you guys tested rectifiers for shorts on the TV-7?
Thanks, Scott WA9WFA

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