[AMRadio] Capacitor tester

Barrie Smith barrie at centric.net
Thu Jun 5 18:43:03 EDT 2008

> Has anyone on this list had experience with the Sprague TO-6 capacitor
> tester/analyzer?  I started to cobble together a little supply and 
> metering
> circuit for this purpose, but have a possible opportunity to get the TO-6.
> I'd appreciate any insight on the unit.
> Thanks,
> Rick/K5IAR


I've had the TO-6 for many years and it works well for me.  I see them on 
Ebay once in awhile for reasonable prices.

Also, you asked about reforming caps recently.  I saw no other responses, so 
let me say that I posted a request for information on leakage current a 
couple of weeks ago and got numbers all over the map.

The response I liked best (and was closest to what I recall) was less than 
50 microamps at full rated voltage.

I think that you also asked about leakage current at lower voltages. 
Leakage current will go down as the voltage is reduced.  If, for example, 
you had a 450 volt cap that showed somewhat high leakage current at 450 
volts, the leakage will be much less at 350 volts, and the cap may be 
perfectly usable at that voltage, perhaps for years.

A cap tester, such as the TO-6, may be used as a reforming device, as well 
as a tester.

73, Barrie, W7ALW 

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