[AMRadio] Life in the mid to late '30s

JACK C. SHUTT w9gt at verizon.net
Mon Jun 9 13:37:53 EDT 2008

Many hams built their own receivers and transmitters during that time frame.  Money was tight and parts came dear.  Regen receivers were popular as were simple one or two tube transmitters.  Simple 6L6 transmitters were common, as well as simple rigs using '210 tubes that were fairly inexpensive then.  Old RADIO Handbooks and ARRL Handbooks are a great source of reference info.  Really great examples of neat home brew rigs of the day used Taylor tubes like T-40s and TZ-40s, etc.
  73,  Jack, W9GT

David Hollander <n7rk at cox.net> wrote:
  Hi JT - I have several pages on my web site on the Breting, Patterson 
and Howard receivers which were all 1930's and gone before 1940. Their 
are also a few station photos on these pages.

>From 1930's station photos, I have seen, the HRO, RME 69, Breting 12, 
Patterson PR-10 and Hallicrafters SX-24/25 seem to be most common 
commercial receivers.

Here are the links:

Breting: http://members.cox.net/n7rk//breting.htm

Howard: http://members.cox.net/n7rk/howard.htm

Patterson: http://members.cox.net/n7rk/patterson2.htm

Some additional 1920's and 1930's station photos: 

73 and have fun!

Dave N7RK

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