Fw: [AMRadio] Life in the mid to late '30s

WA5AM Radio ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 14:09:24 EDT 2008

David, and others....

Please do not post items for sale on the main AM discussion list.  We
have a reflector just for that now called AMSwap.

Info about this swap list, and how to subscribe can be found at the
following links:
Home: http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/amswap
Help: http://mailman.qth.net/mmmain.htm
Post: mailto:AMSWAP at mailman.qth.net

In addition, and since these reflectors are maintained by volunteers
and do not require anyone to pay to be a member (donations are welcome
of course), we do not allow any form of commercial advertising on
either list.  That was established many years back by the members.

Thank You & 73

Brian / wa5am

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