[AMRadio] Advice please: Globe King trips GFI socket

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Jun 9 15:33:08 EDT 2008

Hi Les,

Like Grant said check those line bypass caps.  I have a 500 A, they 
are still present, and I don't have any trouble.  I use a 3 wire 
cord on mine.

If you don't mind, why are your using a GFI?  Around here the code 
only require them within 3 ft. of a water source.  Sometimes RF can 
give them fits as well.  So if you aren't violating code, I would 
remove the GRI and put in a standard socket.  First you might get a 
long extension cord and try it in a standard socket to see what 
happens.  If it opens a circuit breaker, then find out why.

Have fun and live it up.



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From: "Les Zwiebel

>   Am restoring a 500C. The power supply trips the GFI. Filter caps 
> have been replaced. If the filtering circuit and caps have some 
> slight inherent leakage, should I bypass or eliminate them? Use a 
> 3 wire to 2 wire adapter plug at the wall? (I would prefer to keep 
> it a 3-wire line.) Eliminate the GFI on that wall socket? Anyone 
> been down this road before?
>    Thanks in advance.
>    (((((73)))))
>    Les
>    ---===WB6ORZ===---

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