[AMRadio] AM on 160m

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Jun 10 00:01:21 EDT 2008

Hope you get it Ken, it will help.  For an all around transmitter, 
the DX 100 is one of the simplest and best.  Quality of parts is 
unparalled and if the construction is proper it will last a long 
time if care is taken.

I hope to contact you some day too.  Listen on 10 AM, in the late 
afternoon and early evening.  I had a nice 30 minute conversation 
with K9HZ the other day out in Goshen, IN.

73 for now.


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From: "Ken Zuercher"

> Jim,
> "The more work you put into the antenna the better the
> payoff no matter
> what the transmitter."
> Truer words have never been spoken!
> My lot is 48X108ft. I do have a Hygain vertical and a
> MiniQuad that may get put back into service. I used to
> run QRP with the vertical on 80-10 meters with a Heath
> HW-8. I worked all over when conditions were fair to
> better. I also used the 75 meter half sloper to check
> in toa cw net every day. They could hear me so I guess
> it was oK. I'm negotiating with a friend here in
> Toledo to take custody of his DX-100. That should help
> on 75 AM. "Have some splainin to do Lucy" about the
> size of the stuff I am bringing into the house. Thanks
> for the advice and good conversation. Hope to meet you
> on the air some time.
> Ken
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