[AMRadio] Bob Peters - W1PE

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Jun 10 14:51:29 EDT 2008

Brian, Bob, Phil, and the list,

I do NOT know any of you.

I read Phil's post - then read it again.  I have to admit that *I* TOO 
took it like Brian did.

I kept my mouth, (fingers), silent.  Mainly because I manage to get into 
enough trouble without ANY external help whatsoever!  Followed by a 
falling on the sword with a public apology to all.

It has a SINGLE "source"!  The *absolute* lack of "seeing" the person 
writing the message.  NO body language - NO facial expression - goes 
along with OUR messages.

This dumb Pollack's $0.02 worth!  (And watching the cost of gas & the 
market - it is NOW worth even less!)

Bob = N0DGN

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