[AMRadio] EF Johnson museum

Robert Nickels w9ran at oneradio.net
Fri Jun 20 13:31:53 EDT 2008

Peter Markavage wrote:
> The Thunderbolts (all 3 models), the Adventurer, the Avenger, the
> Navigator, and the Pacemaker weren't captured in any
> picture.
Hi Pete,

Not to pick nits, but according to my Johnson literature, there was the 
"Thunderbolt" amplifier and the "6N2 Thunderbolt" amplifier, as well as 
the pictured "Courier" and the "Kilowatt" amplifier (which many hams 
call the "Desk Kilowatt" but Johnson didn't).   Of course they were all 
"Vikings" as EFJ used that brand name across the entire transmitter and 
station accessory lines.  

As for the Avenger, what's that sitting to the left of the 
walkie-talkies in photo 10?  Looks like the rare and beautiful Avenger 
to me!  According to what I've read, only about 50 were built and most 
kept by EFJ employees, which is probably why this one survives.

I'm happy to see a "reasonably complete" display like this, in contrast 
for example to the Leo Meyerson collection which was dumped by the 
Western Heritage Museum when someone decided it wasn't worth keeping on 

73, Bob W9RAN

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