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Sat Jun 21 10:08:04 EDT 2008


Thanks for the update.  It never seems that things AM are simple.


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> Ed,
> The NN3SI station at the Smithsonian was slated to be dismantled last year 
> as part of an overall renovation of the displays there.
> It's probably a good thing too.  NN3SI was set up in what appeared to be a 
> small coat room. The bottom half of the door had a small shelf with ham 
> radio brochures, but the interior was poorly lit.
> Perhaps most importantly, the station did not match the historic nature of 
> the technology display that it led to.  The Smithsonian has several nice 
> examples of vintage, tube-type technology, but the current station trustee 
> is the onetime AM-hater, Johnny Johnston, the former K3BNS.
> He more recently has headed the QCWA, and expressed his willingness to 
> allow the group's national newsletter to include an article on AM, 
> suitably addressed to his membership of licensees who've been in the hobby 
> more than 25 years.
> But according to an AM-er who had approached him to re-work the station 
> along lines that would be compatible with the rest of the Smithsonian's 
> display, he refused to allow the older, functioning equipment to be 
> brought out of storage and placed back in service.  His agenda was like 
> the League's, to show modern ham radio.
> Few visitors stopped by during several trips I made there to observe, and 
> the visitor's logbook had only a handful across months of time reviewed.
> People who discussed whether it's appropriate to have Johnston as the 
> station trustee, have also been in talks with the new leadership at the 
> Smithsonian. Although kicking him out would be a fresh start, and would 
> time nicely with developing a place for NN3SI in the newly designed 
> display, there's a small problem --
> FInding someone to replace him and to staff the station.
> SO, the matter is stalled for now.
> --Paul/VJB

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