[AMRadio] Resistors

Kim Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 26 22:39:03 EDT 2008

He's asking for a very non-standard value 500,000 megohms --- that's 
5 x 10^11 ohms. Such things may exist, but I'll bet that you have to 
keep them in a clean room and maybe in a vacuum. If you touch 
something like that, it won't be 5 x 10^11 ohms anymore.

Kim Elmore N5OP

At 09:28 PM 6/26/2008, you wrote:
>Radio Shack sells a good amount of resistors for about 12 bucks. 
>It'll have the value you need in the collection. Otherwise did you 
>find a resistor today and what value exactly are you needing?
>Rick wrote:
>>Where would I go to find a 100K to 500K megohm resistor that didn't cost a
>>king's ransom?
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