[AMRadio] Bondo

Mike WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 20:31:18 EDT 2008

Nah you ain't an old coot (buzzard) until you get caught on 75 or 160 
with your key locked down for 10 minutes at a time. Has anyone busted 
you doing that yet? hi hi...

Try JB Weld. It'll setup real quick, sand decently, won't fall off. 
That'll be easy enough and you won't stimulate the brain with fumes...hi 


Rick wrote:
> Thanks Mike, but that's way more work than I want to do.  I haven't done any
> welding or brazing in a long time.  I'm sure that would look great, but too
> much for an old coot like me.  HI
> 73,
> Rick/K5IAR

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