[AMRadio] Which radio might be best on AM?

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Mar 1 12:30:18 EST 2008

> Since I trade radios a lot and since the Belton Hamfest is coming soon I 
> am
> looking at several transceivers to trade for.  I am also keeping my 
> TS-B2000
> that I use now for everything.
> The current choices are;
> A Drake TR-7    This says it simulates AM with a carrier and only the 
> upper
> side band.  That might not sound good
> A Kenwood Ts-940SAT
> A Kenwood TS-930S.

I would not consider transmitting with any radio that "simulates AM with a 
carrier and only one side band".  That is not AM.  It's just SSB with poor 
carrier suppression, or you might say, transmits a pilot carrier for a PLL 
BFO to lock onto.  It doesn't sound good because of  fundamental principles 
of  the modulation and demodulation process.

The TR-7 does a fair job on receive if equipped with an AM filter.  The AM 
transmit function, with the audio section turned to zero or disabled 
entirely, would make a good stable vfo/exciter unit to drive a 
plate-modulated or grid-modulated AM transmitter or final.

Don k4kyv 

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