[AMRadio] The Drake TR-7 On AM

BSugarberg bsugarberg at core.com
Sat Mar 1 17:15:58 EST 2008


In the May, 2007 issue of Electric Radio, well-known Drake expert Jeff
Covelli, WA8SAJ, describes a simple modification for the Drake TR-7 that
allows it to use the 6 kc AM filter for AM transmitting, (instead of the 
default 2.3 kc SSB filter), thus allowing full double sideband AM transmit.

73, Bruce WA8TNC
D. Chester wrote:

 >> A Drake TR-7.  This says it simulates AM with a carrier and only the
 >> upper side band.  That might not sound good
 > I would not consider transmitting with any radio that "simulates AM with
 > a carrier and only one side band".  That is not AM.  It's just SSB with
 > poor carrier suppression, or you might say, transmits a pilot carrier
 > for a PLL BFO to lock onto.  It doesn't sound good because of
 > fundamental principles of the modulation and demodulation process.
 > Don k4kyv

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