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A.R.S. - WA5AM ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 19:39:54 EST 2008

First, I would like to thank all of those who have replied with
positive comments on and off the list to me, and the list as a whole.

I understand that any group of 400+ people is going to have a diverse
range of ideas and opinions on how things need to be.  Believe me,
it's not easy for me to make choices on certain issues and please
everyone.  It's simply impossible.  I've taken care of this list for
10 years, and it's not been an easy task.  Sometime things go very
smooth for weeks, then other times, they are like what we have all
seen in the last few days.

I have seldom been "heavy handed", or felt the need to be a "forum
God".  I just want us to have a resource to discuss our common
interest, and for the most part I stay out of discussions, but I do
monitor all I can.

In recent times, we have taken on new moderators who have helped
greatly in helping make decisions, and also monitor the content posted
to the list.  For that; they have my sincere appreciation.  Thanks

I am working on a solution to the for sale ads as I type this message
that I think will work for everyone.  There are just a few details I
need to work out, but I think I might be able to get something going
for this by next week.  I will make this available for all members of
this list, with of course the option to opt out of it if you don't
want to see any for sale stuff.

In the meantime, I would like to make one last comment.  There have
been a few private emails, and even public posts to the list that have
been rather degrading to the admin and moderators of this list.  I was
even sent one email where the sender suggested I was communist.
Simply due to the fact I was attempting to enforce a rule this list
has had since day one.  Some suggest that this topic was more
bothersome than the for sale replies.  Well, that's probably true,
however if the rules were observed, that hot issue would never have
taken the bandwidth it did.  Jim and I both have been trying to remind
the list for weeks about this because there has been such a flurry of
these violations.

The list must have some rules.  If not it will turn to complete
anarchy and go to pot like so many others have in the past.

We are doing the best we can, so please bear with us.  We will never
be able to please all of you, and that is purely fact.

Thanks for your patience & 73

Brian / wa5am

"Money is only temporary, radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dawg"/K5BAI

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