[AMRadio] Whic radio might be best on AM?

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sat Mar 1 19:48:13 EST 2008


The TS-930 & TS-930SAT do VERY well on AM.  They send TRUE DSB 
w/Carrier.  They receive AM GREAT!

To transmit AM with it, set carrier to about 20W, turn compression OFF, 
and "inch" in the mic gain until you JUST have 100% modulation.

Feed a pair of 3-500Zs.  They'll think you are running a BIG RIG.

Bob - N0DGN

Brett Gazdzinski wrote:
> The drake R8 is likely a nice receiver, but may not be ham ready
> with muting and so on. I would look into that.
> They are expensive I think.
> The NRD-525 may be good, I never had one but talk to people who have them
> and they seem to like them.
> The others I dont know anything about, but never had an ssb rig that I 
> liked on AM,
> not even the yaesu FT102.
> Brett
>> Since I trade radios a lot and since the Belton Hamfest is coming 
>> soon I am looking at several transceivers to trade for.  I am also 
>> keeping my TS-B2000 that I use now for everything.
>> The current choices are;
>> A Drake TR-7    This says it simulates AM with a carrier and only the 
>> upper side band.  That might not sound good
>> A Kenwood Ts-940SAT
>> A Kenwood TS-930S.
>> OR just a receiver and transmit on the 2000 like I do now;
>> A Grundig Satellit 800
>> A Drake R-8
>> A JRC NRD-525
>> A Yaesu FRG-7
>> Any comments on these are appreciated.  You can email me off the list 
>> if desired.  wb5oxq at grandecom.net
>> Thanks, Jim.

Bob Bethman/NØDGN/BC-610/Northern Radio 
SP-600 Manassas, VA - MultiBand Dipoles

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