[AMRadio] A really unclutered list for buying and selling

Soundval soundval at foothill.net
Sun Mar 2 15:10:41 EST 2008

There is a list to post "for-sales" and "want-to-buys"
It is simple and unclutered.
The list has about 800 subscribers.
The items must be tube-era ham radio related.
Unless the item is clearly rarely offered for sale, there must be a price 
(the list does not compete with eBay.}

No discusions.  (The list does not try to compete with "amradio")
No Subject lines beginning with "Re".  ( Reply emails go to original email 
senders, not the list)

The list is baswaplist at foothill.net
To post you just send your offering emaill to baswaplist at foothill.net
that is, after you subscribe by sending as follows:

Send an email to baswaplist-approval at lists.foothill.net
Subject:   subscribe baswaplist
Message:   subscribe baswaplist

When sending your posting emails to the list, it is recommended you begin 
your Subject with either: "FS:" or "WTB:"   And try to group multiple items 
into less separate emails, within reason.

Eugene Rippen, WB6SZS


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