[AMRadio] ARRL To Retire QST View

Joseph Bento n6dgy at kirtland.com
Sun Mar 2 19:40:05 EST 2008

I noticed this on the ARRL Website today while ordering some books:

RELEASE NOTE: ARRL is retiring QST View. The software is outdated and  
is increasingly incompatible with some computer configurations. We  
want to assure our valued members and customers that our consideration  
of alternatives is ongoing. We will continue to offer the more popular  
annually-produced ARRL Periodicals on CD-ROM. These single-year CDs  
are available for 1995 through present.

I'm glad I decided to purchase the complete QST CDROM set a couple  
years ago.  At this time, there are very few sets available.  I'm also  
very pleased to have found a 3rd party viewer for Mac OS-X that W7AY  
generously created.

Since PDF is the de-facto standard for all platforms for document  
distribution, I hope that the ARRL will reconsider releasing the QST  
archives in this format.  Since 2000, they have released an annual CD  
with all the ARRL periodicals on CDROM in PDF.  The quality of these  
newer discs is excellent, while the older QST View discs, while  
certainly readable, do leave a lot to be desired in the graphics  

I urge everyone interested to write the ARRL to ensure that these  
historical references remain available.

Joe, N6DGY

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