[AMRadio] need advise

AB5MM ab5mm at 9plus.net
Sun Mar 2 20:24:16 EST 2008


After being out of AM for years, I've decided to get back into it.  I've 
listened to the AM hot spots on various bands and find it to be a “well 
behaved crowd” with a bunch of knowledgeable, good ops.  Brings back 
memories of the “good old days.”  I bet that most us wished we had kept 
our old globe 500’s, knight t-150’s, dx-100’s, etc.  Remember when we 
couldn't give the stuff away?

I really need some advise.  After the initial  “sticker shock” wore off, 
I may have found a Viking II with 122 vfo.  It seems to be a factory 
wired model; the appearance is about a 4 out of 10; no ‘apparent’ 
modifications; will load to approximately 80 watts cw on lower bands, 
much less on 20, nothing on 15 or 10; couldn't test modulation (no mic & 
no receiver) and the bottom rubber feet are missing.  What is a 
reasonable price range for something like this?
Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom,

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