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> I really need some advise.  After the initial  “sticker shock” wore off,
> I may have found a Viking II with 122 vfo.  It seems to be a factory
> wired model; the appearance is about a 4 out of 10; no ‘apparent’
> modifications; will load to approximately 80 watts cw on lower bands,
> much less on 20, nothing on 15 or 10; couldn't test modulation (no mic &
> no receiver) and the bottom rubber feet are missing.  What is a
> reasonable price range for something like this?
> Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom,
> Steve
> ab5mm

Hi Steve,

Welcome back to AM.  After a very abortive attempt back in 1995, I got back
on AM last year.  How much is ther Viker 2 worth?  Gee that's tough. I
bought mine as a non-runner this past November for about $75 (finally got it
running this past weekend, wahoo!!).  Good ones seem to go for about, Oh
about 200-$275.  So-so ones, maybe $150-$175.  It's hard to say.  If you get
it off of ePay, the price will be inflated.  Buying from a private surce is
usually cheaper.  I got mine via a lead from another ham who knew I was
looking for a Viking II, and informed me it was for sale on the Midwest
Classic Net (an AM buy/sell net).  How much is the guy asking for it?  The
VFO 122s go for a pretty penny on ePay (you can easily spend $100-$150 for
one on that site).  ALso, they aren;t as common as the Heahtkit VFOs (I'm
using a Heathkit VF-1 with mine).  So, factor that into the price.

Ellen - AF9J

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