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D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Mar 2 23:33:48 EST 2008

FWD:  Claude Gray equipment: (Tnx Bill W1AC & Bob K4TAX)


Don, k4kyv

>> I am sure that many of the older engineers across the southeast can 
>> recall
>> the name Claude Gray.  Claude ran a radio engineering consulting business
>> from his home in Birmingham for many years.  His clients were radio 
>> stations
>> across Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Mississippi where he 
>> would
>> measure their frequency on a weekly or monthly basis.  The station would
>> receive a postcard regularly with the deviation from their assigned 
>> carrier.
>> If you were on frequency you would receive a green colored card.  If you
>> were not dead on, you would receive a white card with the deviation in 
>> CPS
>> listed (Claude never converted to Hertz).
>> Claude is still living in Birmingham and will celebrate his 99th birthday
>> this year.  Recently, he and his wife have moved to an assisted living
>> facility, and his daughters are charged with the chore of disposing of 
>> their
>> belongings including Claude's equipment.  I was invited by his daughters 
>> to
>> look over his equipment and give them some ideas on what can be done with 
>> it.
>> I have been in the business for over 35 years, and most of the equipment
>> predates me.  There are 3 six foot racks loaded with General Radio
>> equipment, frequency standards, frequency meters, receivers, etc.  The
>> only equipment I was familiar with was a 1606 GR bridge, a 916 GR bridge 
>> and
>> an old RCA field strength meter.  The rest of it looked like GR lab 
>> equipment,
>> all in very good shape.
>> I told them that none of this equipment was used (with the exception of
>> the bridges) in radio anymore and was obsolete and that it would be hard 
>> to
>> assign a value.  I did tell them that I would post this on the technical
>> forum to see if anyone had any ideas or might be interested in some or
>> all of this equipment for a collection.
>> If there is any interest, I could take some pictures and gather some
>> model numbers and post them on the net.  They are not expecting to "get 
>> rich"
>> off of this equipment, but they don't want to let it go to a flea market 
>> or
>> worse yet, the dump.
>> Frank Giardina  <fgiardina.at.bellsouth.net>
>> Birmingham, AL

I have posted some pictures on my website http://www.amfmtek.com/ .
One thing you might be interested in is that Claude had a collection of 
seven R-390
receivers, one of which is still in its original box and never been used.
You can see it on the website.  The other receivers are in various states
from complete to some parts missing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email.

Frank WA4HMK  <fgiardina.at.bellsouth.net>

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