[AMRadio] ARRL To Retire QST View

Jim Tonne tonne at comcast.net
Mon Mar 3 13:30:29 EST 2008


I think that from a business viewpoint the ARRL is doing what
they seem to think is best.  It probably boils down to your statement
of "bang for the buck."  I think others have said about the same

If you have the capability you outlined, and the time to do it, why
not write a short but clear proposal and offer to do the work part
and - basically - sell the resultant to them?  All they would have to
do is post it.  It would have to be all ready to post.

I suspect it is manpower/time thing on their part.

- Jim WB6BLD

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> The complete index for all QST articles (from 1915 on), all QEX articles,
> and all Ham Radio Articles is available on the Member's part of the ARRL
> web site. You can search to your heart's content. Another index is FBTO,
> which covers roughly the 40's to about 1991/92.
> Re-scanning all those old issues to 21st century scan quality, converting
> to PDF type files, etc. probably would time comsuming and costly and
> probably not much "bang for the buck" in return for them. But, hmmm, I
> now have apparatus that will allow me to scan at high quality, 50 sheets
> per minute, and save directly as a pdf file. Maybe I should make a sales
> pitch.
> Pete, wa2cwa
> http://www.manualman.com
> On Mon, 3 Mar 2008 09:46:42 -0500 "Todd, KA1KAQ" <ka1kaq at gmail.com>
> writes:
>> Joe and group -
>> This was announced a while back and stirred up folks in the 
>> AM/Classic
>> Gear groups. Mike W1RC had some initial exchanges with ARRL folks I
>> believe but passed it along to someone else as he was pretty busy 
>> with
>> other matters.
>> Looking at the situation and the League's view of such things, I
>> wouldn't hold my breath on a solution. Keep in mind that the 
>> audience
>> would be small vs the likely cost, and the audience would consist 
>> of
>> mainly of old gear and history buffs. The ARRL has never been 
>> terribly
>> excited about such things, preferring instead to push new 
>> technology
>> that favors its advertisers. Providing a resource that helps folks
>> research and, as a result, perhaps purchase or even build old style
>> tube gear doesn't strike me as something they'd be likely to do.
>> Aside from gear and HB articles, there remains a lot of historical
>> information along with other interesting stories and events in the
>> pages of QST. Fortunately all the oldest magazines are still 
>> readily
>> available and make for a good, relaxing read. Searching isn't 
>> terribly
>> hard if you use the yearly index in the December issue, but time
>> consuming if you have no idea of the year an article was published.
>> Perhaps the real solution will be that someone creates a CD of the
>> yearly index issues to permit fast and easy searches for articles 
>> in
>> the magazines.
>> Again - this is an opinion only, based on rumblings I've heard 
>> along
>> with the League's record on such matters.
>> ~ Todd, KA1KAQ
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