[AMRadio] AM Swap List

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Mar 5 11:00:38 EST 2008

Ok guys, here is the deal.  When someone posted to AM Radio and did not 
follow the rules, both Brian and I received several messages that 
pointed out the omission.  If someone made an honest mistake, then the 
same thing happened.  I have taken the time to call people on the phone 
to discuss the problem rather than banning them immediately, even though 
the rules say banning will be the result of improper behavior.

Reading all the posts is a chore, one that I enjoy but I am retired, 
Brian is not, so, it is much more trouble for him.  In trying to provide 
a service MOST of the group wanted, he created the Swap List.  Now we 
recognize not everyone would want to trade or sell/buy, but Brian nor I 
can go through each name individually and choose the option you want.

We can, however, mass subscribe or unsubscribe easily.  That is why 
everyone was added, and now why everyone has been deleted.  It is not 
worth the time to read a message from people who complain because, not 
only does it not make our day, but is un-necessary.  If the message 
truly violates the rules that is fine and I like the help.  But 
remember, not everyone shares your views and don't expect us to chastise 
someone unless the rules are blatantly and repeatedly violated.  Some 
have been banned recently because of this behavior.  This is and has 
been a nice list and we welcome constructive suggestions and criticism. 
Because of you it has not been necessary to intervene much, I hope it 
stays that way.

So it was little to ask of you to unsubscribe if you didn't want to be 
there.  Now it is little to ask that if you want on the list to 
subscribe.  Try to be understanding a helpful.


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