[AMRadio] Drake L-4B on AM

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Thu Mar 6 10:31:34 EST 2008

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 9:24 AM, Bob Bruno - K2KI <k2ki at starc.org> wrote:
>  Hi Brian,
>  That was the direction of my thinking. Thus the question that I posed.
>  I figured that the efficiency would suffer terribly but did not figure them
> to be as bad as the calculations you provided... I guess that leaves me to
> build or buy and old BA amp designed for AM. Since building the beast will
> take some time, it looks like barefoot will be the way to go. Being on
> disability, I certainly cannot afford to burn through the only tubes I have
> :-)

Well Bob, I don't want you to not operate the amp based solely on my
ideas and the math.  A whole lot of folks run them all the time with
good results.  Besides some of the science in all this is not exact
anyway.  I would just limit TX times much more so than old buzzard
when running a linear amp...  Go for it Bob, it's just something to

73 & good luck,
Brian / wa5am

"Money is only temporary, radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dawg"/K5BAI

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