[AMRadio] Drake L-4B on AM

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Thu Mar 6 10:47:04 EST 2008

I use an Amp Supply LK-500ZB with either a DX-60 OR a TS-930SAT.

Tune for 20W carrier out of rig - tune for MAX CRAX out of Amp.

The LK-500ZB is a pair of 3-500Zs.  Been running them for about 8 years, 
AND they weren't new to begin with.

They do JUST fine!

I now have two BC-610s, so the other ONLY gets used when I want to 

Bob - N0DGN

kenw2dtc wrote:
> "BTW, I tuned the amp for exactly 1500 watts output, then reduced the 
> drive to exactly 25 watts without re-tuning the amplifier"
> Actually the best way is to tune for 1500 watts out and reduce the 
> drive until the output is 375 watts under carrier conditions.  Also if 
> you have one of those male voices that that will peak more in one 
> direction than the other (if the audio is phased correctly) you must 
> also de-rate the output power even more.  Naturally, a scope and an 
> audio generator is the preferred way to tune up a linear under AM 
> conditions.
> 73,
> Ken W2DTC
> http://w2dtc.com/3cx3000f7.htm

Bob Bethman/NØDGN/BC-610/Northern Radio 
SP-600 Manassas, VA - MultiBand Dipoles

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