[AMRadio] New Swap List going GOOD!

John Flood kb1fqg at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 6 16:42:05 EST 2008

Is anyone familiar with the Western Electric TX/RX  pair, models LE-T1 / LE-R1, on the E place item #'s 250222113734 and 370028997772.  My Internet search didn't come up with anything but you guys know everything!  Is this something worth saving?  I have had dealings with the guy over the past few years all positive.  He collects old wood breadboard radios and when buying estates he sells off the "Ham Stuff".  I talked to him and he had no idea of what it was worth and put a pie in the sky price on them hoping the Western Electric name would attract audio types.  Looks like it was in MARS service at some point.  Doubt it will sell but who knows and if it doesn't I'll put on the dumpster diver hat and offer to give him back loads of storage space ;).  In any event who knows what it is?  No commercial interest on my end and forgetting the current price, I was just wondering if needs to be saved by one of us.  Someone single or looking to be single again as
 I'm sure it would cause many XYL's to be EX-XYL's
John Flood
I haven't had a chance to weed through the thread of for sale stuff yet and if the reference to an item for sale has violated new terms and conditions I submit myself for official punishment and you may note the event on my permanent record!

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