[AMRadio] OOPS Should Be "What is this thing?"

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Mar 6 17:02:59 EST 2008

You have to go to eBay and enter the item number in the search field to 
see the pictures.

I am not sure, but the transmitter looks like a high power RTTY 
transmitter.  I can tell you the metering is for almost everything in 
it.  Can't tell what types of tubes are there, but it is 73 inches tall 
and weighs approximately 300 lbs.  About the same for the receiver.

Highlight the numbers then copy them to the eBay search function.


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From: "Jim Tonne" <tonne at comcast.net>

> I suspect someone could help if we knew how to access
> a photo or SOMEthing to give us a clue!
> - JimT

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