[AMRadio] OT: Why do some people capitalise "ham"? Let's try

Zengmeiste at aol.com Zengmeiste at aol.com
Sat Mar 8 16:17:29 EST 2008


   S'amazing how an innocuous question can engender myriad responses,
 so let's try this one. Read QST? Notice how once hyphenated terms have
 become de-hyphenated, which totally changes their meaning? S'not just 
 QST, is media in general. Very disturbing, looks like American English
 is being Europeanized. (apologies to our friends across the big pond)

  Bad move! Won't be able to call them 10-watt resistors, grounded-grids,
 multi-tap transformers, crystal-controlled oscillators no more, no-how.

   Real examples from QST, Feb 2008:
      circularly polarized antenna; direct conversion receiver;
      dual band and dual-band in the same sentence; [geeee...]
      high end performance; 32 bit; floating point; dsp based; 
      qrm proof; noise blanker; self contained; built in; auto tuning;
    QRM proof is whatcha get when you wave that el-cheapo SW receiver
 around and hear the hash.  Auto tuning is something my mechanic does.

     QST's staff never hear or have forgotten about compound adjectives?
  Or were they out of class the day they were taught?

     And no more 5-speed manual-transmissions, neither.  
  The only manual transmission stuff I do is downloading stuff from BAMA.
  Bye-bye snow-cones, astro-turf, second-hand goodies, low-level distortion
  (well, that would not be a bad thing), and Daisy-Dukes. Ouch!

   Like the man said, the times, they are a-changin'. Er, a changin'. 
   Me, I LIKE hyphens. I LIKE talking about multi-directional, 
  circularly-polarized, lightning-resistant antennas, ultra-selective
  filters, temperature-compensated oscillators, variable-width IFs...

     It's a sad, sad place we've come to, gents. I hope it 
 doesn't get worse, they'll start taking out the apostrophes next...

    73, Terry Bakowski  KC9KEL,
          Skokie, IL, soon escaping back to Chicago-by-the-Sea<BR><BR><BR>**************<BR>
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