[AMRadio] Ice Storm

Bob Bruno - K2KI k2ki at starc.org
Sat Mar 8 19:44:00 EST 2008

Hi Mike,

I would really love to have a tennis ball launcher. I saw a YouTube 
video demonstrating one.

I tried the hammer part. It took some off the tower and maybe some off 
the ends but that's it.

Thanks for the reply...
73, cul...
Bob de k2ki

Mike WE0H wrote:
> A homebrew tennis ball launcher fired at the boom might knock the ice 
> loose for antennas up to high to do it by hand. Or smacking the tower 
> legs with a dead blow plastic hammer.
> Mike
> WE0H
> Bob Bruno - K2KI wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> This is pointed mostly to the New England folks who are getting hit 
>> hard with Freezing rain.
>> I just came from outside where I had to "beat" my wire antennas to 
>> knock off the better that 1/4" of ice that has accumulated over the 
>> past hour.
>> My TH6DXX is also getting hammered but I can't get to it. :-(
>> Go out and knock the ice off before the ice "Knocks-off" your antennas.
>> Good luck es 73...
>> Bob de k2ki

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