[AMRadio] Re: New AM Swap list

Gary Schafer garyschafer at comcast.net
Sat Mar 8 23:33:02 EST 2008

No one was erroneously put on the swap list. All that was done was to split
up the Am radio list into AM radio and AM swap list. All the subscribers
were also set up on the AM swap list by the kindness of the list
It is no different than when the list was moved to another server and all
the members were moved by the administrator.

But since some people apparently bitched about being signed up on a list
without them doing it themselves (probably before they read what was going
on) the administrator removed all from the new list and advised everyone to
sign up themselves. So much for him trying to be helpful.

Gary  K4FMX

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> What did I do wrong?
>  First, I received a welcome message telling me how to unsubscribe.
>  Then a received a "Dear John" with no information other than you're out!
> I and many others received the same "stuff" in their inboxes
> recently....leaving me to wonder when I had subscribed to another email
> list......then it
> occured to me, someone without asking first, dumped my email address among
> others
> into a new list.
> You know....it would have been great to have been told about such a new
> list
>  -BEFORE- someone subscribed me to it. My email address is not a free for
> all
> for anyone to use as they see fit. Domain names get black listed when acts
> like the above mentioned occurs. Next time whomever creates a
> list...create it,
> test it with your own email addresses then put the word out. Auto
> subscribing
> some email addresses that are not yours to list without prior consent is
> just
> plain wrong.
> Bob Carter - KC4QLP

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