[AMRadio] Recapping a DX-100

cemilton at aol.com cemilton at aol.com
Sun Mar 9 11:43:42 EST 2008

GM Bob,

Congrats on scoring a nice DX-100.

I don't know of any "kits" for recapping but there may be some.  I've 
restored two over the past few months including the one I have on the 
air right now.  I bought the HV caps from MOUSER electronics in Texas.  
Don't expect to replace the electrolytic "cans" with new ones.  I used 
a couple of "radial" lead ones for the HV side.  Just glued them to the 
existing wafers (after removing the old caps) and they look very nice 
and professional.  The 20mfd and 40mfd can was left in place and new 
axial lead caps were used below the chassis.  Same for the pair of 
20mfd ones in the bias supply.

There are those who will say that NOS (new old stock) caps, if 
re-formed, will work just fine.  IMHO, do yourself a big favor and go 
with new, fresh electrolytics.  Chokes and transformers for the old gal 
aren't cheap if one of the old ones decides to give up some smoke and 

Tubes?  Try ANTIQUE ELECTRONIC SUPPLY in Tempe, Arizona.

As for modifications?  I'd try the rig in stock condition first.  Use a 
good, non-amplified D-104 or other crystal microphone and give it a 
try.  Then, if select modifications are needed..............your choice.

While many of the mods will improve the overall performance of the rig, 
you suddenly won't have a DX-100 any more.  And not all published mods 
work anyway.

I've left mine stock, but did use one of the Harbach step-starts and 
did away with the two-fuse plug and line cord.  Replaced with a 3-wire 
line cord and a single fuse in the hot side of the cord.

I get good reports with it and it easily puts out 115 watts of carrier.

Hope some of this helps..........

Gud luck

73 de W4MIL

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Subject: [AMRadio] Recapping a DX-100

Hi everybody,

I recently had a DX-100 fall into my lap. Cosmetically it is immaculate
inside. Outside needs a little soap & water but there are no scratches
or wear marks. AND... No hack jobs or "extra" holes drilled into it. It
came to me with the enclosure too.

My questions:

1 - Has anyone created a "recap/mod" kit for this? The radio needs a
recap plus the mods that are posted on the Intraweb. :-)

2- Any good sourced for tubes?

3 - Are there any suggestions as to what the caps or other key
components should be replaced with? (modern day equivalent)

Thanks for reading this...

73, cul...

Bob de k2ki


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