[AMRadio] Recapping a DX-100

Tom Chesek tchesek at epix.net
Sun Mar 9 13:19:11 EST 2008

Mike Sawyer wrote:
> Bob,
>     Other than the mods you spoke of, I don't know of any better ones than
> those posted on the AM Window (http://www.amwindow.org/). If I were to
> replace one thing, it would be that wimpy driver transformer. AES
> (www.tubesandmore.com) has the Hammond equivalent for the Viking II and
> works just as nice on the DX-100. Also, they are a very good source for
> tubes but I would suspect you can find what you need at hamfests for a
> pittance of on-line prices. 1625's were made by the gross and are still
> found in pretty good supplies. BTW this is a question that should have
> posed on the AM reflector instead of the AMSWAP list.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)


Can you elaborate on your comment regarding the driver transformer being
"wimpy". This is the first I've heard any comments regarding that part of
the DX-100.


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