[AMRadio] Recapping a DX-100

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Subject: [AMRadio] Recapping a DX-100

> Hi everybody,

Hi Bob,

> I recently had a DX-100 fall into my lap.

> My questions:
> 1 - Has anyone created a "recap/mod" kit for this? The radio needs a
> recap plus the mods that are posted on the Intraweb. :-)
> 2- Any good sourced for tubes?

Umm here are a couple of places I've used:

A. RF parts - http://www.rfparts.com/tubetran.html

the only downer - $25 minimum order

B.  Radio daze - http://www.radiodaze.com/

click on the "components" box, and scroll down to the "vacuum tubes/valves"
line and click on that

C.  Antique Electronic Supply - http://www.tubesandmore.com/

click on the "vacuum tubes" line on the left.

> 3 - Are there any suggestions as to what the caps or other key
> components should be replaced with? (modern day equivalent)

Many capacitor values may not be available anymore.  But, typically by the
"20% rule", you can get away with a value that's off by about 10 or 20% with
no problems.  Just make sure it has the same or better voltage rating, than
the one you're replacing.   You can try it with the original paper
electrolytics in it, but more than likely, they're dried out/shot, and will
need replacing.  BTW, you'll be surpised just how much smaller than the
originals, todays electrolytics are - as much as 50% smaller!  As for the
carbon comp resistors in your DX-100 - it depends upon how much they've been
subjected to heat.  They may still be good.  If they are bad, in most cases,
today's metal film resistors will be fine.  Once again, they will look puny,
compared to the old ones.  Places I've used for components:

Mouser Electronics - http://www.mouser.com/
Digikey - http://www.digikey.com/
Newark Electronics - http://www.newark.com/

> Thanks for reading this...
> 73, cul...
> Bob de k2ki

Ellen - AF9J

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