[AMRadio] Recapping a DX-100

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Sun Mar 9 15:03:50 EST 2008

    That little driver xformer on the bottom of the chassis, is about 1" X 
1". It is usually the bain of the audio section in the DX-100. I had one 
short to ground and I ended up scratching my head until I did a systematic 
removal of items from the LVPS. If you don't use negative feedback then you 
can just replace the transformer. But if you decide to do resistive coupling 
to the grids of the 1625's then you can eliminate the transformer 
altogether. Like I said, its the weak spot in the DX-100 audio chain.
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Can you elaborate on your comment regarding the driver transformer being
"wimpy". This is the first I've heard any comments regarding that part of
the DX-100.


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