[AMRadio] RE-capping a DX100

John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Sun Mar 9 18:23:03 EST 2008

The two series connected electrolytics in the HV power supply on the DX100 must be replaced, as when one of them no longer holds its value or gets leaky, the other one will really take a beating from the voltage across it. I found that there were standard electrolytics available that used a screw-secured clamp that can be added to the DX100 in place of the original cardboard housed 'lytics. Just be sure to put a piece of Mylar, Kapton, or heavy packing tape around the can of the one that is elevated in voltage above ground, and be sure not to touch any bare metal exposed on it at the top. Here is a link to that discussion:


Many other things can be done, such as improving the way the screen voltage was derived from the center of the bleeder. In 2005 I started a long-running discussion about various modifications, didn't recap everything but the audio and power supply capacitors, which are the ones that will affect sound or stability (or ability to blow fuses). 

Others have also posted lots of improvements and some not so improvements for the DX100, just search on the various AM Forum sections. 


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