[AMRadio] Why capitalise "ham"? What about AM?

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Mar 10 12:10:25 EST 2008

>   S'amazing how an innocuous question can engender myriad responses,
> so let's try this one. Read QST? Notice how once hyphenated terms have
> become de-hyphenated, which totally changes their meaning? S'not just
> QST, is media in general.

> 73, Terry Bakowski  KC9KEL

I recall sometime in the mid 70's, back when AM was supposed to be on its 
way "out" according to all the players in the amateur radio establishment of 
the day, that QST used the abbreviations "FM, SSB and CW", but our mode was 
"a-m".  More than a few AM operators expressed resentment that AM was 
singled out to be spelt in lower case with that silly little hyphen in the 
abbreviation.  Many thought this was a subtle way to deride the mode, back 
when official League policy was, (according to the ARRL rep who spoke at a 
Boston hamfest) one of  "benign neglect...  don't outlaw AM but let it die a 
natural death".

Don k4kyv 

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