[AMRadio] Progress report on my DX-100

Bob Bruno - K2KI k2ki at starc.org
Tue Mar 11 21:04:10 EST 2008

Hey Peter,

Ya know, I completely forgot about Simple Green. I used to use that 
stuff all the time. That stuff is so gentle that you can wash your baby 
with it but still strong enough to take any crap off of something.

Thanks for jogging my memory.

73, cul...
Bob de k2ki

Peter Wittenberg SR wrote:
> Bob, you should use Simple Green 50/50 water to do the cleaning. It just runs off.
> -73- Peter K2LRC
> www.k2lrc.com
> I soaked them for about 3 hours in a hot soapy
> water mixture with some vinegar mixed in.

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