[AMRadio] Collins R390/URR versus R390A

ne1s at neandertech.com ne1s at neandertech.com
Thu Mar 13 13:17:46 EST 2008

Todd sez:

> R-390s tend to be a bit less available due to lower production
> numbers, but they're available without much searching. And, contrary
> to the new-age 'non-A' myth, both radios are indeed R-390 receivers,
> with the latter, cost-reduced version nomenclature appended as the A.
> Makes more sense to refer to a radio by what it actually is, rather
> than what it isn't. (o:

Well, Todd, I've been guilty of referring to my R390/URR as a "non-A"
model, and the reason I've done so is because so many folks just say
"R390" when they are really referring to the more common R390-A. Just
trying to be specific and unambiguous, because, as you know, there are
several significant differences between them.


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