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I still have a LOT of work to do on my web page, updating 
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At 09:40 AM 3/10/2008, Dino Darling wrote:
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>It has been almost 3 years and 3 months since the powerhouse KFI 
>tower in Southern CA was destroyed by a small aircraft.  The cause 
>of the accident was sun glare and an incorrect setting of the 
>on-board altimeter.  After much consideration and re-consideration 
>by the FAA, public hearings with the City of La Mirada, and public 
>outcry by local pilots from the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton 
>Airport; the project has been approved, the permits have been 
>signed, and construction begins!
>Since the accident, KFI has had to endure a power reduction of more 
>than 50% into a short top loaded back up tower which has 
>significantly reduced their signal coverage into areas outside of 
>the LA basin.  If not for the foresight of former Chief Engineer 
>Marvin Collins, who had the tower top loaded and a new matching 
>network installed, the back-up tower would have reduced their 
>capabilities even more, to approximately 10KW max!
>"Steel" (industry slang for the tower sections) should be delivered 
>beginning this week with the "stacking" to begin by the end of the 
>week...hopefully!  Today starts the site evaluations and preparation 
>work.  The new tower will be about 75' shorter than the original 
>750' mark. Coming in around 684', the new tower will incorporate a 
>50' diameter capacity hat and a total of 24 guy wires with torque 
>arms at the top.  It will also be lighted with daytime strobes and 
>nighttime red flashing beacons.  The strobes will address the pilots 
>major concern of being able to see the tower during daylight hours.
>KFI is as excited about the new project as some of us may be.  My 
>inside source encourages us to come out and have a look, but asks we 
>remain outside of the construction area and not interfere with the 
>construction crews.
>I will be updating my website with more "KFI Tower Construction 
>News" and pictures later today.
>73 and God Bless Tall Steel!
>Dino - K6RIX
>dino at k6rix.com

Dino - K6RIX
dino at k6rix.com 

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