[AMRadio] Various numbers for 600 watt power transformer

Jim Tonne tonne at comcast.net
Mon Mar 17 17:46:26 EST 2008

To the techies on this list.  I am designing a power
supply using LTspice and need some numbers.

Just had a thought that you might be able to
answer a question I have.  Do you know about
what the various numbers might be for a power
transformer for a 600 watt ham rig?  What I
need are typical numbers for primary resistance,
primary leakage, primary inductance, secondary
inductance, secondary leakage and secondary
resistance.  Primary voltage would be 240 volts
and secondary would be what is needed for a
DC level of about 1800 volts and a power level
of 600 watts.

Any clue as to the various numbers?

- Jim Tonne   WB6BLD

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