[AMRadio] Fw: determining frequency of a transmitter?

John coleman wa5bxo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 19:31:39 EST 2008

Hi Mike:
	Probably 10 mtrs maybe 6 meters, but you need a grid dip osc meter.
The grid dip osc is the exact test equipment needed for that job.  But you
can use one of those antenna analyzer devices also.  Put two or three turns
of wire about 2 inches diam on the end of some coax and hook it up to one of
those antenna analyzer things that has the osc built into it and shows a
readout on ohms of impedance as well as SWR.  Bring the link near the tank
coil in question and when you dial close to the frequency of the tank's
resonance it will absorb energy and the Z meter will show a deep dip.


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The output tank has some rather small
tuning capacitors and a air wound coil about an inch in diameter and maybe
eight turns at about half inch spacing with a tap a couple turns from one

Any ideas?  Thanks

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